5 Biggest ‘what ifs’ in Las Vegas Raiders franchise history

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden with Tampa Bay (Photo by Chris Livingston/Getty Images)

Every franchise has their fair share of ‘what ifs’, and here, we take a look at the five biggest ones in the history of the Las Vegas Raiders organization.

The Las Vegas Raiders are one of the most successful organizations in NFL history, winning three Super Bowls, and producing some of the more legendary players in the history of the game. However, if a few things would have gone differently, they could have been even more successful, and we dive into them here.

The Raiders have struggled for nearly 20 years, as injuries, missed draft picks, and mismanagement of the organization has plagued them consistently. Making the playoffs only once since 2002 is criminal when you think about the storied history of this franchise.

The franchise has been a part of some of the craziest games, controversies, trades, and injuries in NFL history, a lot of which explains the inconsistency of the Raiders as a franchise. Still, they remain one of the more beloved franchises in NFL history as well, and Raider Nation is as strong now as it has ever been.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the biggest ‘what ifs’ in Raiders history.

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