Countdown to 2020: Best Raiders player to wear No. 77 all-time

With 77 days until the opening game of 2020, we start the count down with the best Raiders player at every jersey number. Today we focus on No. 77.

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Raiders OT TrentBrown (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

With the season a few months away, we take a look at the best player to wear the jersey number of the number of days left before the opener on September 13, 2020 against the Carolina Panthers. That game will kick off the new era of Raiders football.

We continue our series with No. 77.

There have been some outstanding players to wear the No. 77 for the Raiders, including Bubba Smith, who played two years with the team, and started 25 of 26 games. Matt Shaughnessy had a few good years with the Raiders, including 2010, where he racked up seven sacks in only eight starts.

Currently, Trent Brown dons No. 77, and he made his presence felt in his first season in the Silver and Black, making it to the Pro Bowl. Brown, who is widely considered the best right tackle in football, could one day be the best to ever wear this jersey number, he is just not there yet.

As we look at the best Raiders player to ever wear the No. 77, we turn our focus to a man who played the game the Raider Way, and though it was a short stint with the team, it certainly was a memorable one.

Countdown to 2020: Best Raiders player to wear No. 77 all-time

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Raiders LyleAlzado (Photo by Miguel A. Elliot/Getty Images)

LyleAlzado (1982-1985)

The Cleveland Browns traded Lyle Alzado to the Los Angeles Raiders in 1982, and while he only played four seasons with the team, he certainly left his mark on the organization. Playing opposite Hall of Famer Howie Long, Alzado was a menace to quarterbacks, and played a big role in the team winning the Super Bowl in 1983.

Alzado had seven sacks in each of his first two seasons with the Silver and Black, before racking up six in Year 3. Outside of just the numbers, Alzado was a terrorizing figure on a Raiders defense that loved to hit, and put people out of commission.

The 1982 Comeback Player of the Year, Alzado was named All-AFC during that season, a season which the Raiders went 8-1 during a strike year. The team would end up losing in the second round of the playoffs, but it set the stage for them to win it all the following year.

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Alzado made a comeback attempt with the franchise in 1990, but a knee injury halted any chance he had to make the team. Sadly, he died only two years later due to lymphoma of the brain, passing away at age 43. For a time, Alzado was the scariest man in football, and is best Raider to wear the No. 77.