3 Las Vegas Raiders listed in PFF’s Top-150 fantasy players

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Raiders TE Darren Waller (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Pro Football Focus released their rankings of the top 150 fantasy football players in 2020 and three Las Vegas Raiders made the list.

Pro Football Focus can be a divisive place as fans use their advanced statistics to either boost or discredit players in online arguments. Raiders fans can often be seen arguing about whether Derek Carr using these stats which can support either side of the argument.

Some of their stats require context and can be interpreted in different ways but one thing that is objective is ranking in fantasy football. PFF’s resident fantasy expert Ian Hartitz released his projected top-150 fantasy football rankings and for some reason only two Raiders made the list.

The rankings Hartitz compiled are based on “PPR scoring and standard roster construction” so if you are in a league with passing touchdowns worth 10 points and bonuses for yardage totals this may not be the list for you. The purpose of this article however is not to determine whether Hartitz’s advice is valid or not but to discuss the rankings of the Raiders on the list and the surprise absence of some of Las Vegas’s skill position players.

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