Five fictional players that could help the Las Vegas Raiders

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Fictional Raiders (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Las Vegas Raiders have more depth than they have had in a long time, but here are five fictional players who could help them win.

There have been no shortage of great football movies, and those movies have provided some exceptional talent. From franchise leaders like Cap Rooney from Any Given Sunday, or lovable misfits like Bateman from The Replacements, Hollywood has left no shortage on characters, some who could help the Raiders franchise.

As the Raiders enter the 2020 NFL season, they are a team that has their eyes on the playoffs, as Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden have built this roster up the right way. Still, there are some players, though they may be fictional, who would certainly look good in the Silver and Black, and could help the team secure more wins.

What would it be like if we were to take some of the biggest, baddest, funniest, craziest players from Hollywood and placed them on the Raiders? In this piece, I will explore the hypothetical of what if, and what could be.

Here are five fictional football players that could help the Raiders franchise.

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