Countdown to 2020: Best Raiders player to wear No. 62 all-time

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Raiders C Adam Treu (Photo by Kirby Lee/NFLPhotoLibrary)

With 62 days until the opening game of 2020, we start the count down with the best Raiders player at every jersey number. Today we focus on No. 62.

With the season a few months away, we take a look at the best player to wear the jersey number of the number of days left before the opener on September 13, 2020 against the Carolina Panthers. That game will kick off the new era of Raiders football.

We continue our series with No. 62.

This is a pretty interesting jersey in terms of the franchise, because there really has not been a dominant player to wear it. Currently, Erik Magnuson wears No. 62, and he came to the Raiders after being signed off the practice squad in Buffalo during the 2019 season. Like so many on this roster, he will look to earn a spot along a very deep offensive line.

From 1997 through the 2006 NFL season, Adam Treu was the man wearing No. 62, and he appeared in nearly every game for the Raiders during that time. A backup along the offensive line for most of his career, he did step in during the 2001 season for Barrett Robbins, and helped the Raiders to the Divisional Round.

However, the player who wore the No. 62 best for the Raiders was a nose tackle for the team across six seasons in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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