6 players the Las Vegas Raiders cannot afford to see opt out

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Raiders star running back Josh Jacobs (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

With players from across the league deciding to opt out for the 2020 NFL season, we look at six Raiders the team cannot afford to lose.

The Las Vegas Raiders are dealing with a lot this offseason, including moving to a new city and welcoming a rookie class in by video chat. As if moving to a new town couldn’t be hard enough, now the Raiders may be forced to play this season without certain players if they choose to opt-out from playing this season.

Under the new agreement with the NFL and the NFLPA, players can choose to opt-out from playing while still retaining their roster spot and their contract for the next season. This could also have large ramifications regarding the Raiders chances to make the playoffs if certain players decide not to play or are forced into quarantine.

There’s no doubt that certain players are more valuable than others on an objective level, but there are other players that wouldn’t affect the Raiders too much if they choose not to play. Personally, I hope everyone is safe and all players have a chance to hit the field. I’d even be willing to watch games without fans if came down to the point, just give me some Raiders football!

With that being said, here are six players the Raiders cannot afford to lose in the opt-out clause this season.

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