Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland Browns: How to bet Week 8

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Raiders QB Derek Carr needs a big day against Cleveland Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders lost a tough one to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend, but can redeem themselves with a win against Cleveland.

The Las Vegas Raiders dropped to 3-3 after last week’s loss to Tom Brady and the surging Buccaneers. Derek Carr and the Raiders were not all that bad when we step back to take a closer look, as Carr went 24-for-36 passing with 284 yards and two touchdowns to one interception.

On most other games, this is a performance that wins the Raiders games.

The x-factor here was Tom Brady and what he brings to the Bucs’ offense. This was already a talented roster formulated by what I believe to be a not-so-fantastic front office in Tampa Bay. But credit has to be given to Jason Licht and the Bucs’ management for the talent they have landed on and how this Bucs roster has come together in the last year and a half.

All the Bucs seemed to be missing last year was the ability to protect the football, and even though they haven’t exactly flipped the script a complete 180, and Tom Brady has had some really bad throws this year, he is doing just what the Bucs needed him to do which was at the very least cut turnovers in half from last year.

My first introduction to you guys over here at Just Blog Baby wasn’t phenomenal. Even though I got the Bucs winning the game correct, I still flopped on the Raiders covering 4.5 points and the game going under 52.5 total points.

Like I said last week in my first post here, the Raiders are a team I struggle to get a read on constantly, and last week I psyched myself out with complicating things and not keeping it simple. I had the Bucs winning the game and I should’ve just rode them 100% instead of hedging.

As of now, I’m 2-4 picking Raiders games outright, and 1-5 picking Raider spreads, so just keep that in mind when I make my pitch to you about my predictions this week.

We now move on to another week and I’m looking to redeem myself.

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