4 reasons the Las Vegas Raiders will beat the Atlanta Falcons in Week 12

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Raiders QB Derek Carr  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Las Vegas Raiders travel to Georgia to take on the Atlanta Falcons and here are 4 reasons they will come away victorious in Week 12

The Las Vegas Raiders need a bounce back win after their heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and next on the schedule for them is a date with a talented but flawed Atlanta Falcons team. The Falcons are 3-7 on the year but should be 5-5 at the very least were it not for two fluke plays against the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions so they are better than their record suggests.

They have several weapons on the offensive side of the ball in Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Todd Gurley and QB Matt Ryan are still among the best in the league at his position. Atlanta still has one of the best passing offenses in the NFL and are good enough on the ground to be dangerous.

Their primary struggles have been on the defensive side of the ball and we will dig in that much more as we preview the matchup further but that has been the main reason why they are four games under .500. Both teams struggle on defense to be fair so this game will likely come down to which team can make one or two plays on defense to swing momentum if their favor.

This is a big game for the Raiders as they face a tough race for the AFC Wild Card even with the extra spot available this year and here is why they will win in Atlanta in Week 12.

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