2021 NFL Draft: WFT and Chicago logical Raiders first-round trade partners

The Raiders could decide to trade down in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, and Chicago and the Washington Football Team are logical partners.

The Las Vegas Raiders will head into the 2021 NFL Draft with needs on both sides of the ball, specifically up front along the offensive line at right tackle, and in the secondary. Las Vegas needs help at both safety and cornerback, and with the way the first round could shake out, they could technically move down and still get their guy.

When looking at potential trade partners, the Raiders have a couple of teams selecting after them they need help at quarterback. If the first round sees guys like Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and Zach Wilson go early, teams that need their franchise guy will be looking to move up.

Raiders could trade down in the first round

If the Raiders decide to trade down, the Chicago Bears and Washington Football Team could be logical matches. Both the Bears and the Washington Football Team do not have long-term answers at the position, as Andy Dalton will start for Chicago, and Ryan Fitzpatrick for the WFT, so they could be in the market for the likes of Mac Jones or Trey Lance.

Sitting at No. 17, the Raiders give both teams the ability to move up a few spots, and in return, Las Vegas could be able to pick up another Day 2 pick to help bolster this roster. We have already seen teams jockeying for position in the first round, as the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles swung deals on Friday, and more should definitely happen before April.

As it stands, the Raiders will pick once in the first and second rounds, and then have two selections in the third. Adding either a second or third-round pick would be ideal for Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden, who has tried to navigate a tough salary cap situation this offseason, while also looking to continue to improve in the win column, possibly finally getting to the playoffs.