Las Vegas Raiders: Josh Jacobs proves to be a warrior in the Week 1 victory

It would have taken a lot to keep Josh Jacobs from playing in the Las Vegas Raiders win on Monday night, as he proved to be a warrior vs. the Ravens.

Las Vegas Raiders star running back Josh Jacobs is a warrior.

Before Monday night’s game, it was unknown if Josh Jacobs was going to be able to play. He was battling a toe injury for the majority of the week and woke up with some type of virus on Sunday morning that left him with a high fever.

Despite all of that, Jacobs still suited up and played on Monday.

It was evident during the game that Jacobs was in a lot of pain. After the first drive, Jacobs had to come out of the game and change his shoes, likely hoping that a new pair could help his toe in some way. Then, late in the game, Jacobs came to the sideline and dropped to his hands in knees, struggling to even stand from the pain.

Yet, with these issues, Jacobs played the entirety of the game and scored two touchdowns.

Raiders have an absolute leader in Josh Jacobs

This isn’t the first time he has done this either. Back in 2019, Jacobs played through part of the season with a fractured shoulder. When you think about how much running backs are tackled and how hard they hit the ground, you realize that playing with that type of injury is no easy feat.

Also, in 2020, Jacobs suffered a hip injury and an ankle sprain, two injuries that would keep most running backs sidelined. But Jacobs isn’t like most running backs. He fought through the injuries and through the pain to take the field for the team.

Even when it was obvious that he was fighting back an incredible amount of pain, he played anyway.

Jacobs’ perseverance originates from the tough life he had as a child, where he and his family were forced to live sleep in a car, or move from motel to motel. In those times, amidst all of that adversity, Jacobs could’ve given up on football. He could’ve given up on everything. But he didn’t. Instead, he fought and pushed through it all.

So, if Jacobs didn’t give up then, why would he give up now? The injuries that he has suffered, whether they be big or small, are just another obstacle on his journey to becoming a football legend. And if there is one thing we know about Jacobs, it’s that he runs over obstacles that get in his way.