Raiders news: Jimmy Garoppolo offered a different kind of deal

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Las Vegas Raiders have their quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo, who is making quite the name for himself in the desert already.

Throughout the last nine seasons, the Raiders franchise has been led at quarterback by Derek Carr. The veteran signal-caller shattered nearly every franchise record in terms of passing, but in the end, was not seen as a good fit with head coach Josh McDaniels, or his style of coaching.

With Carr gone to New Orleans via free agency, Las Vegas had to pick up the pieces and fill the hole left at the position, and they did so with another veteran in Jimmy Garoppolo. Known for winning games, and not being able to stay healthy, Jimmy G signed a three-year deal with the Silver and Black, and has already started to make a name for himself in the desert.

And not just for his on-field efforts.

Raiders QB gets different kind of offer

This week, the new starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders got himself a different kind of offer, one that took the internet by storm. The Chicken Ranch brothel, located 60 miles outside Las Vegas, has offered Jimmy G ‘free sex for life,‘ so not the kind of signing bonus that any quarterback is used to getting.

Of course, this could all be in good fun, as the women also stated they are excited that Garoppolo may be able to bring the Raiders to the Super Bowl. Whatever he decides to do with his own time is his business, lets just hope he can get the job done between the white lines on Sundays.

Raiders to trade up to No. 3 overall?

This April, Day 1 of the NFL Draft will bring much more excitement than last year did for Raiders fans, as the franchise did not hold a pick until Day 2. With the No. 7 overall pick, and needing a long-term solution at quarterback, Las Vegas could be in the business of trading up to at least No. 3.

Teams holding the first and second picks, Carolina and Houston, both need a quarterback, so they are not going anywhere. However, Arizona holds the No. 3 overall pick, and has Kyler Murray, so you can expect a bidding war for that spot.

With Garoppolo signed for three years, Las Vegas could also turn to the 2024 NFL Draft for their next franchise quarterback, as that class is loaded with first-round talent. Either way, Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft could make or break  the career of second-year general manager David Ziegler.