2 Reasonable expectations, one bold prediction for Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo in 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders will turn to Jimmy Garoppolo in 2023, and here are some reasonable expectations, as well as a bold prediction for the quarterback.
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Jimmy Garoppolo will run Josh McDaniels's offense with more consistency than Derek Carr did

The 2022 NFL season was supposed to be one of the best of Derek Carr's career, as he had his best friend, Davante Adams lining up on the outside all season long. Adams is widely considered the best wide receiver in the game, and with Carr and the Raiders coming off a playoff season the year before, this was supposed to be the year they start consistently winning.

However, it was pretty clear from the outset that Carr struggled in Josh McDaniels's offense, and it was also clear that Carr was not McDaniels's guy. To be fair, they both tried to make it work, but in the end, Carr was benched with two games left in the season, and the Raiders technically still alive in the AFC Playoff race.

Enter Jimmy Garoppolo, who is well-versed when it comes to running McDaniels's offense, and who has had a lot of success doing so. Garoppolo will show command of this offense from the start in 2023, and with so many weapons brought in this offseason, including Jakobi Meyers from New England, and Michael Mayer from Notre Dame, this unit has a chance to be downright explosive.