2 Reasonable expectations, one bold prediction for Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo in 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders will turn to Jimmy Garoppolo in 2023, and here are some reasonable expectations, as well as a bold prediction for the quarterback.
Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Jimmy Garoppolo will bring swagger and championship DNA to the QB position for the Raiders

During his nine seasons as the starting quarterback for the Raiders, Derek Carr had his fans who absolutely loved him, and those who felt they should move in a new direction every offseason. For some, Carr just did not have the kind of swagger needed to play the quarterback position, while some felt he played scared after his injury in 2016.

Fans also did not like the fact that the Raiders punched their ticket to the playoffs only twice during his nine-year run at the position, putting together a record of 63-79 overall. While Garoppolo has not made as many starts as Carr in his career, a total of 57 against 142 for Carr, there is no denying his winning percentage is an impressive one at 70 percent.

This summer, there is already a different vibe around camp with Garoppolo as the starting quarterback, as he has always brought a certain swagger to the position. He is also a guy who has brought his team to deep playoff runs, and has won some big games in his career, so that is something he will be bringing to the position in 2023 and beyond.