2 winners (and 2 losers) from the Raiders 2024 offseason so far

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Winners from the Raiders' 2024 offseason

1. Gardner Minshew

Being a replacement level quarterback is good work if you can get it. Show up to the office, try and meet floor-level expectations, and get absolutely paid after a few years of that. Minshew followed the blueprint perfectly, cashing in on an extremely mediocre 4 years of football to the tune of two years and over $20 million with the Raiders. And sure, he'll have to beat Aidan O'Connell in a training camp battle this offseason, but my guess is that the guy that has twenty million dollars invested in his performance will probably have a leg up. He'll show up, have a couple entertaining quotes, play just okay football, and leave a whole lot richer. And Raiders fans can't even really be mad at him, because that's what you get when you sign Gardner Minshew. They know that, he knows that, everyone knows that.

2. Christian Wilkins

$110 million over four years. It really is as simple as that. Wilkins signed the 2nd biggest contract of the offseason, and now gets to line up next to Maxx Crosby for the foreseeable future. He'll be a team leader, will get to play for Antonio Pierce, and will be one of the more wealthy people in Las Vegas. Outside of, you know, winning football games, that's about as good a setup as you can get. And if he continues to be the star that he was with the Dolphins, he'll be adored by fans by the time the Raiders' bye week comes around. Wilkins to the Raiders was one of the more obvious moves of the offseason, but when you put together all the reasoning behind it, you start to see why.