3 AFC West moves that could result in disaster for the Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

Just a little worst case scenario brainstorm to start your Draft weekend.
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Kansas City Chiefs

Find a WR steal late in the 1st round

I mean, it's not like this really matters, right? It's not like Pat Mahomes has struggled to win games without a bonafide star at wide receiver. So really, there's no hope. Enjoy!

BUT if there is a weakness on the Chiefs, it's at receiver. Their leading receiver, in terms of total yardage, last season was Rashee Rice, who finished with 938. After that was Justin Watson, who had 460. This isn't exactly groundbreaking analysis, but their offense really is just Mahomes and Travis Kelce making things happen. So the idea of the Chiefs staying patient and still landing, say, Oregon's Troy Franklin? Or Georgia's Ladd McConkey? That's a nightmare. Keon Coleman on the Chiefs feels like an AFC West disaster waiting to happen.

First round wide receivers aren't nearly as much of a lock as their reputation would suggest, but 2024 has another loaded class. One of these days the Cheifs are going to get a legitimate 1,000 yard type guy in the building, and the Raiders better hope they have their franchise quarterback by the time that happens.