3 AFC West moves that could result in disaster for the Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

Just a little worst case scenario brainstorm to start your Draft weekend.
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Los Angeles Chargers

Absolutely fleece someone for the 5th overall pick

Jim Harbaugh's going to do something weird. It feels like it's only a matter of time. And since the Chargers already have their franchise QB (right? RIGHT??), they've been one of the most popular picks for Top-10 teams that trade down. And the Chargers could certainly use a wide receiver or two, but it just feels like the trade down is too obvious at this point.

They're also lucky in that the teams they're talking to need a QB. Like, need one. Job security makes teams desperate, and the Chargers are unfortunately in a wonderful position to capitalize on that. Plus, whoever does trade up is going to be most likely going after Michigan's JJ McCarthy, whose rising draft stock the last 4 months is more or less entirely a product of Harbaugh being a terrific hype guy. It's a perfect storm of disastrous outcomes for the Raiders.

For the last half decade or so, the Chargers have been reliable disastrous in the AFC West. Other teams may have been worse, but you could always count on the Chargers dropping the ball when it mattered most. If all of a sudden they have an organization that's making smart, prudent decisions that take advantage of other NFL team's blind spots, the Raiders are in trouble.