3 affordable free agent targets for the Raiders in 2024

If Vegas doesn't want to make a huge splash, these could be the guys to target.

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Jacoby Brissett, QB

This all really depends on how the draft goes.

There have been rumors out there that the Raiders want to trade up and grab one of the better QBs in this year's draft, and it's hard to blame them – Jimmy Garoppolo is obviously out of the picture, and maybe Aidan O'Connell is the answer, but, you know, Aidan O'Connell probably isn't the answer.

Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, and even Ryan Tannehill are all going to get paid this offseason, and it doesn't make much sense for the Raiders to be a part of that. There's still a few years of development ahead with this roster, and none of those guys are in the same part of their career as a young, developmental team is. Plus, giving any three of those guys major deals is probably bad business.

But one year, $6 million for Brissett? That sounds more tolerable. If they can't swing a big trade, the Raiders are probably going into next year with the assumption that QB1 is O'Connell. Having a proven vet like Brissett there to push him – or even take his job, if it comes to that – in training camp isn't a bad idea. Brissett's ceiling is clear, but he doesn't turn the ball over and has proven, time and time again, that he's still an NFL-caliber quarterback.

At 31, he's still got two or three years ahead of him, and bridging the Raiders QB gap would be a great way to spend those years.