3 Las Vegas Raiders offensive statistics that make no sense in 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders have gotten out to a 1-1 start to the 2023 NFL season, and here are three statistics that make no sense.
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
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Hunter Renfrow has zero catches

There was a time when Hunter Renfrow was considered the best slot wide receiver in the NFL, this after he racked up over 100 catches in a season a few years ago. With Josh McDaniels coming over from New England to be the team's new head coach prior to the 2022 campaign, it was only logical that he would make Renfrow even better, as he had so much success with the Patriots with the likes of Danny Amendola and Justin Edelman.

Instead, Renfrow has not been nearly as big a part of the offense since McDaniels took over, as he was injured for a while last year, and has been non-existent in 2023. In fact, Renfrow has only one target through two games, and zero catches, which is almost an impossibility when you consider how talented he is.

In order for this offense to get going, especially if Jakobi Meyers misses more time, Renfrow has to play a bigger role. The Raiders are not getting much from the tight ends in the passing game through two games, so getting Renfrow involved early and often this Sunday night has to be a big part of the game plan for McDaniels and this Raiders offense.