3 Las Vegas Raiders offensive statistics that make no sense in 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders have gotten out to a 1-1 start to the 2023 NFL season, and here are three statistics that make no sense.
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
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The Raiders have not scored a rushing touchdown

With Tre Tucker leading the Raiders in rushing yards in Week 2, you would not expect the team to find the end zone on the ground. In fact, it has now been two straight weeks that the Raiders have not scored a touchdown on the ground, which is troublesome in its own right.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a solid NFL quarterback, but without a strong run game behind him, he has struggled taking over games. Jacobs is one of the premier backs in the game, and Zamir White was supposed to step up and be a red zone threat for the Raiders in Year 2, but none of that has been the case so far this season.

The lack of a run game means the Raiders have struggled to sustain long drives, and you can attribute a lot of that to the fact that they could not get anything going on Sunday, and had to go to the pass early. Jacobs has to be the focal point of the offense against the Steelers, and if they do not score a touchdown on the ground in Week 3, it could lead to another devastating loss for the Silver and Black.