3 Las Vegas Raiders rookies who turned heads during Rookie Minicamp

The Las Vegas Raiders rookie minicamp is over, and here are three players who really turned heads during the two-day event.
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Now that the 2024 Las Vegas Raiders rookie minicamp has concluded, let's discuss a few players who took part this year. Las Vegas brought in eight players via the 2024 NFL Draft, and signed a bunch more as undrafted free agents.

The rookie minicamp is the first chance for this group to start building towards either starting as a rookie for the Raiders, or making the 53-man roster. The road is long for the undrafted guys, but for the eight players selected, now is the time to prove that Tom Telesco got it right with his first NFL Draft as the Raiders general manager.

Here, we look at three players who turned some heads during the event.

3 Las Vegas Raiders rookies who turned heads during Rookie Minicamp

Brock Bowers

To be honest, had this player simply gone out and laid an egg, the story would have been much bigger, but thankfully that is not what happened. Truly, Brock Bowers is a stud, with his athleticism and versatility, the first-round pick showed why he was such a valuable prospect when he arrived at camp.

Bowers' potential role in this offense was shown to us in advance, and it is very similar to how he was used in college. not just lining up as a traditional tight end but also in the slot and backfield. Personally, I hope the offense does use the tight end the same way the University of Georgia did, take on an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." mentality.