3 Las Vegas Raiders rookies who turned heads during Rookie Minicamp

The Las Vegas Raiders rookie minicamp is over, and here are three players who really turned heads during the two-day event.
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Trey Taylor

The arrival of Trey Taylor was another positive development in the camp. The safety is rapidly demonstrating that he might be a complete steal.

Taylor was selected in the seventh round, and so far, his performance has greatly surpassed that of a player chosen later in the draft. The prospect of not only contributing on special teams but also competing for a depth chart spot this offseason appears to be a very real opportunity for the rookie.

Even though it's early, it will be great to watch how he develops over the offseason.

Overall, you had to be happy with what we saw from the newest group of players to put on the Silver and Black. Not many in media land feel that the Raiders draft class was a good one, but only time will tell how this group pans out at the NFL level.