3 moves Tom Telesco needs to make after getting hired as Raiders GM

Here's what comes next in Las Vegas.
NFL Combine - Day 1
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2. Pick a QB path

It seems like an obvious pick now, but back when it was happening, Telesco choosing Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in the 2020 draft was met with tons of skepticsm. There wasn't a ton of successful precedent for QBs that tall (Herbert's 6'6), and people looked at the system he ran in Oregon and questioned whether he could make the jump into an NFL offense. But that didn't scare off Telesco, and taking Herbert was probably the best decision of his career. He'll have another big QB decision to make with the Raiders – no offense to Jimmy Garoppolo and Aidan O'Connell, but neither are looking like longterm solutions. So does Telesco look into the draft? With the 13th overall pick, it seems unlikely that the top tier of QBs (Caleb Williams/Drake Maye/Jayden Daniels) will still be on the board. So he'll have to decide whether Michael Penix, Bo Nix, or JJ McCarthy are worth taking a shot on, or whether it's smarter to try a free agent patch. Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill figure to be available. It's not a particularly envious spot to be in, but that's why they're paying him the big bucks.