3 Raiders starters whose jobs are in jeopardy following NFL Draft

And none of them are Michael Mayer!
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The Raiders roster turnover that we're all about to witness is going to be the stuff of legends. The team is still primarily a Josh McDaniels creation, and that alone would be more than enough to justify starting from scratch. But now with Antonio Pierce as a non-interim head coach and Tom Telesco calling the shots as the GM, Raiders fans should probably get used to seeing guys they're not used to seeing.

Some of the biggers move have already happened – gone is Jimmy Garoppolo, only one year removed from signing a three-year deal worth almost $75 million last offseason. In his place is Gardner Minshew, who's probably not a whole lot better but certainly comes a whole lot cheaper. The major addition of the offseason, of course, was defensive lineman Christian Wilkins, who signed one of the biggest contracts given out this offseason. They've also beefed up the offensive line through free agency and the draft, while adding one of the most versatile guys of this year's class in Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. And on top of all that, they kept Davante Adams from officially making a trade request, which feels like a major win.

Still, when it comes to overhauling the roster, there's plenty of work to be done. Rebuilds don't need to be a 5-6 process, but it's hard to see a world where the Raiders push the Chiefs' for an AFC West title this year, or even the next. So many of last year's Week 1 starters probably don't have a very long future in Vegas, and after the NFL Draft, these are the three guys whose jobs are most in jeopardy.