3 Raiders starters whose jobs are in jeopardy following NFL Draft

And none of them are Michael Mayer!
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2. Tyree Wilson, EDGE

It's probably wise to wait another year or two before even trying to judge the Raiders' 2023 draft class, but so far, things are looking bleak. Wilson was their first rounder that year, and was coming out of Texas Tech with all the potential in the world. He was a developmental pick, which is certainly a choice when you're choosing 7th overall, but that's another debate for another day.

Wilson's first year wasn't a whole lot better than Bennett's. He appeared in 17 games, but didn't start any of them. He ended the year with 3.5 sacks, 29 tackles, and ranked as PFF's 105th-best edge rusher (out of 112). Maybe the good news is that those numbers shouldn't be hard to beat this year?

The addition of Wilkins could go one of two ways for Wilson. He could get way less attention, finally put things together under the helpful guidance of Pierce, and have a breakout second season. Or he could continue struggling and find himself as a situational, long-down wide 9 who goes his first two seasons without ever starting a game. His employment with the Raiders may not yet be in jeopardy, but it's hard to say the same thing about his role on the defensive line.

(But if he does put it together? Whewwww the Raiders' defensive line is going to be something to watch.)