3 Raiders whose stock plummeted during the 2023 NFL season

The Las Vegas Raiders failed to make the playoffs in 2023, and these three players saw their stock plummet during the season.
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1. Hunter Renfrow

We close this piece with a guy who was once a fan favorite with the Raiders, and someone who had over 100 catches in a season not too long ago. Based on his history in New England working with slot wide receivers, one would think the arrival of McDaniels would bolster Hunter Renfrow's already impressive resume, but instead, it had the reverse effect.

Renfrow was never the player he was under Rich Bisaccia and Jon Gruden for McDaniels, playing his way out of meaningful snaps in 2022 and 2023. In the end, the move from McDaniels did not help Renfrow either, as he was not part of the gameplan for interim offensive coordinator Bo Hardegree, failing to catch a pass in the team's last four games.

There was a time when Renfrow was considered a cornerstone player for this franchise, seemingly always open when the Raiders needed a big third-down reception. Lately, he has been more of an afterthought, and it will take him moving on from the Raiders to hopefully kickstart his career.

That is where the problem is for Renfrow, as based on tape the last few seasons, what team is going to want to take on his salary. What is likely to happen is that the Raiders release him this offseason, and he latches on with a new franchise, and possibly find the kind of magic he showed early on after being a Day 3 pick from Clemson.