3 reasons Las Vegas Raiders should hire Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh

If the rumors of Harbaugh's interest in the Raiders are true, here's why they should make it happen.
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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As far as .500 teams go, the Raiders are in an envious position. They fired their coach midseason and immediately found better vibes, thanks in major part to Antonio Pierce simply not being, you know, Josh McDaniels. And since Pierce has more than proven that he could be the guy for the job, Las Vegas can comfortably go into next season not panicking about who's at the helm. But, unfortunately, as long as Jim Harbaugh's agent quietly tells teams he's interested in returning to the NFL, people are going to connect him to the Raiders. Such is the cost of being the Raiders, and to some extent, being in Las Vegas. Depending on which NFL Insider you want to believe, it sounds like Harbaugh and the Raiders are already glancing at each other from across the bar. So here's why if Harbaugh's available, the Raiders would be smart to make a move.