3 reasons the move to Las Vegas was a smart one for the Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have become big business in the desert and here is why the franchise moving to Sin City was a smart one.

Las Vegas Raiders Host San Francisco 49ers
Las Vegas Raiders Host San Francisco 49ers / George Rose/GettyImages

Forbes released their annual revenue and evaluation for NFL teams and the Raiders were valued at just under $7 billion. The Las Vegas Desert seems to have done well for the Raiders as last season they also brought in $90 million in ticket revenue topping the NFL. Raider Nation has always shown up for their team and the move from Oakland to Las Vegas hasn't them from watching them

Helping the ticket revenue was also the non-football events including soccer and concert events too racking in another $70 million also topping the NFL.

Helping the NFL grow has been the five TV deals that were made including Amazon, Disney, and Paramount among others. The NFL made $125 billion in TV deals last year and with the salary cap being lifted an average of around 5% yearly, owning an NFL team is a scalable businesses decision.

In 2015 the Las Vegas Raiders were valued at just under $3 billion and since then, they have more than doubled their value. Here, we look at how the move to Las Vegas was a smart one for the franchise.

3 reasons the move to Las Vegas was a smart one for the Raiders

The New Stadium

The Las Vegas Raiders have one of the best stadiums and one of the best nicknames for it. The Death Star stands alone in the Vegas desert among the grand hotels. Not only is Allegiant Stadium one of the coolest stadiums, but it's also one of the most expensive.

The city of Oakland refused to give the Raiders a new stadium despite the many issues of the old field. The stadium sits 65,000 strong and has one of the best fan bases. Through thick and thin, Raider Nation has made sure their team felt the love.

Allegiant stadium stands as a monument to new beginnings.

Las Vegas is a city that attracts individuals

Las Vegas is a city that attract many people and not just for the football team. The Las Vegas Strip as it's known is one of the coolest sights to behold. There is gambling, great food, race tracks, and plenty of other things to do.

Having this area can be a draw to players and bringing them to the Nevada desert and not but about 3 hours away is Los Angeles and the coastline of California. Vegas is a city that has a lot to offer and it also gives the city a great source of income through travelers as well.

No State Income Tax

Not many people know this but as a player in the NFL you are an independent contractor which means you pay your own taxes. This being said, in every state you play in you must file taxes in that state as well.

Nevada doesn't have a state income tax giving players more money in their pockets as well. This also incentivies players by giving them more money instead of giving state govenments some money since it's a percentage of their salary.