3 Reasons why the Las Vegas Raiders are better without Josh Jacobs in 2024

The Las Vegas Raiders may have lost their former All-Pro running back this past offseason, but is it truly a loss?
Las Vegas Raiders RB Zamir White #35
Las Vegas Raiders RB Zamir White #35 / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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There is a new sheriff in town at the running back position for the Las Vegas Raiders this summer. As he enters his third NFL season, Raiders back Zamir White is primed to lead at the position after Josh Jacobs' departure. In recent times, Jacobs has been adamantly vocal about his former team. Media and pundits have also noted his reasons for leaving the Silver and Black and joining the Green Bay Packers.

There are a few quotes to take away from the podcast interview between Josh Jacobs and NFL veteran Chris Long.

""I remember coming to the league and losing my first game and not talking to nobody. A vet came up to me and said this the NFL and I was like, y'all cool with losing?""

Josh Jacobs via the Green Light Podcast

"The most frustrating thing about it all, I feel like especially when you got guys like me, Tae, Maxx you got guys that come in and work hard and you don't get the results and then it gets to the point where I'm doing every little detail and every little step and I'm still not getting the results so like I didn't have the answers. So y'all want me to come back on a discount and lose? I don't really know how I feel about that."

Josh Jacobs via the Green Light Podcast

For a player who averaged 3.5 yards per carry in 13 total games last season, saying that he is doing everything in his power to win and not getting results is quite the leap.

Additionally, it should raise the alarm when your backup averages 4.3 yards per carry in just four games played with the same starters surrounding him.

Speaking of Zamir White, he is one of the three reasons why the Las Vegas Raiders will be just fine without the Green Bay Packers in 2024.