3 Winners and 3 Losers from the Las Vegas Raiders 23-18 loss to the Steelers

The Las Vegas Raiders suffered an excruciating and head-scratching loss in their home opener, here are the Winners and Losers from Sunday night's defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Marcus Peters - Loser

The expectations for Marcus Peters were not very high coming into the 2023 season as he has been dealing with injuries over the past few years and appeared to have lost a step last year. However, many Raiders fans did expect him to make a few plays over the course of the season due to his incredible ball skills and ability to force turnovers.

Peters has been among the league leaders in interceptions since he was drafted in 2015 and has plenty of highlights over his career, with 32 picks and 6 pick-sixes in 107 games. Unfortunately, he finds his name on the disappointments list because of two plays that did not go his way on Sunday night.

The first was the Steelers' opening touchdown as he got absolutely burned by young Steelers receiver Calvin Austin for a 70-yard touchdown. Some blame could go to coaching as the Raiders did not provide safety help despite him lining up against a receiver with elite 4.3-level speed. Still, he deserves some blame for the play as well.

The next big play that did not go Peters' way was also a touchdown, or at least a potential one. With the game tied at seven and the Steelers on their own 20, Kenny Pickett dropped back and did not see Peters lurking in the flat, leading to an ill-advised throw.

It was the type of play we have seen Peters and other high-level cornerbacks make time and time again in their careers. Members of the Raiders' sideline even began a premature celebration as they saw Peters break towards the ball. However, instead of an easy catch and jog into the end zone for six points, Peters somehow dropped the ball and let Kenny Pickett off the hook.

The Steelers would go on to punt on that drive, but in a game that the Raiders lost by five points, it's easy to see how big of an impact a pick-six would have had. Aside from just the numbers on the scoreboard, it would have allowed the Raiders to take an early lead and play with that lead in the first half.

It also would've been a massive psychological blow to the young quarterback who has struggled so far this season and could have easily turned the game in the Raiders' favor for good. Instead, Jimmy G was the one throwing all the interceptions on the night, and Kenny Pickett and the Steelers' offense were able to do just enough to win the game.