4 best quarterback options for Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

It won't be one of the first three guys, but there are a few intriguing options.
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The Raiders need a quarterback.

Even with the team set to go into next year's training camp with a competition between Aidan O'Connell and Gardner Minshew, it's hard to see a world where this August is the month that decides who's going to be under center in Las Vegas for the next half decade or longer. Everyone kind of knows what Minshew is by this point in his career, and while in theory Aidan O'Connell could take the proverbial next step in Year 2, it doesn't feel like too many people are holding their breath.

Enter the NFL Draft. The Raiders are in an interesting position – with the consensus being that there are four QBs in this year's class with first round grades, the Raiders look like the odd man out. The first three will almost certainly go within the Top 5, and since this is the NFL, someone's going to do something rash to ensure that they get the 4th. Sitting at 13, the Raiders would have to pull off something awfully dramatic just for the chance to get QB4 (aka JJ McCarthy), and while that can't totally be ruled out, it just doesn't seem likely.

That leaves Vegas squarely in the B Tier of QB prospects, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in a class as loaded as this one is. So, whether it's at 13, 44, or 77, these are the best developmental options that figure to be available to the Raiders, if they want to go that route.