4 best quarterback options for Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

It won't be one of the first three guys, but there are a few intriguing options.
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JJ McCarthy, Michigan

2023 stats: 15 games, 2991 yards, 22 TDs, 4 INTs, 72.1 Comp%, 116 Passer RTG

McCarthy obviously won't be on the board at 77, or even 44, so the Raiders would have to either take a big swing to trade up or be the luckiest team on the board (it is Vegas, so maybe?). McCarthy's coming off a National Championship win, and has benefited quite a bit from the fact that his former college coach is now in the NFL, and hyping him up whenever he gets the chance.

As a prospect, McCarthy's an interesting case. He's significantly younger than both Nix and Penix, but was also significantly less prolific (RIP Pac-12 offenses) in 2023. He wasn't asked to do nearly as much as some of the QBs on this list, but it's hard to blame Michigan for leaning on the defense that they had last season. Especially with how many teams are running out their own spin on the Shannahan/McVay style offense, QBs that come out of college with experience in a Pro Style offense and who have fundamentally sound mechanics are all the rage right now. That's McCarthy in a nutshell, and it's why he'll very possibly go 4th overall this year, despite not being considered a Top-5 guy for most of his college career.

Someone's going to mortgage their next 3 drafts for McCarthy, and while it could be the Raiders, both the Vikings and the Broncos – who pick right before Vegas – seem more likely to make that gamble.