4 best quarterback options for Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

It won't be one of the first three guys, but there are a few intriguing options.
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Michael Penix, Washington

2023 stats: 15 games, 4906 yards, 36 TDs, 11 INTs, 65.5 Comp %, 106.7 Passer RTG

It'd be fun to peek into an alternate universe where Penix didn't go into the Draft already having two major knee surgeries to his name. So much of the concern around Penix focuses on his health, and you'd have thought most of that would have been put to bed when he showed up to the NFL Combine healthy and put on an impressive performance.

And yet the skepticism still remains. Which is sad, because on the field, Penix absolutely lets it rip. According to Pro Football Focus, Penix has one of the best Deep Ball grades of any QB in this class, and he led all of Division I in passing yards last season. And it's not like he had all day to pick out deep throws, either: his 2023 time to throw was 2.68 seconds, which was tied for 71st best (PFF).

Penix (and Nix) are the two QBs that'll really test the Raiders' draft room. Unless things get real weird, both of them will still be there at 13. But you could also make the argument that one will be there at 44 too. It ultimately comes down to whether the Raiders think there truly are 4-5 franchise QBs in this draft, or it's worth holding off until 2025.