4 best quarterback options for Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

It won't be one of the first three guys, but there are a few intriguing options.
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Bo Nix, Oregon

2023 stats: 14 games, 4454 yards, 45 TDs, 3 INTs, 77.3 Comp%, 135.7 Passer RTG

After 25 years in college, Nix is finally headed to the pros. On the surface, his statline is one that would have NFL teams stumbling over themselves to take a chance on. No one in Division 1 had more touchdown passes than Nix last year, and he broke a ton of single-season passing records at Oregon.

He's already 24, which is sort of weird to see these days – although it makes sense considering he set the NCAA record for career starts this past season. He's gotten better every season, though: year-over-year, everything from his completion percentage to his passer rating has improved since 2021. And while he is more mobile than he gets credit for, evaluators and scouts consistently harp on his footwork.

Still, he's as toolsy as NFL prospects come, and he attacked the middle of the field – a positive sign for prospects – as well as anyone did. There will always be skepticism when it comes to how well Oregon QBs can fare in NFL offenses, but Nix's stats are impossible to ignore. It may not matter for the Raiders, though: even if they don't trade up, supposed QB whisperer Sean Payton and the Broncos may be too QB desperate to let Nix slip past them.