4 best quarterback options for Raiders in 2024 NFL Draft

It won't be one of the first three guys, but there are a few intriguing options.
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Michael Pratt, Tulane

2023 stats: 11 games, 2405 yards, 22 TDs, 5 INTs, 65.4 Comp%, 110.5 Passer RTG

Pratt's the only guy who's absolutely going to be there at 44. He may even be there at 77! Pratt had a down season in 2023, but a lot of that can be attributed to a knee injury he suffered in Tulane's season opener against South Alabama. The injury caused Pratt to miss the next two games, and he never quite looked healthy for the rest of the season.

But before that, Pratt was the most prolific QB in Tulane history. In 35 games for the Green Wave, Pratt threw for 7,196 yards and 68 touchdowns – he leaves the school ranked first all-time in both interception ratio and passer efficiency. If you look at Tulane's passing record book, Pratt's name shows up among the Top-5 in basically every stat.

He certainly looks the part, too: at 6'4 and 220lbs, he has the prototypical NFL QB frame that teams love so much. He also worked the middle of the field plenty, another part of his game that the NFL will eat up. The arm strength isn't quite there, but it's not like any mid-round prospect is perfect. Pratt's probably the only guy on this list that could go into camp with O'Connell/Minshew and not be expected to take over within the first couple months. In other words, he might be perfect for the Raiders.