4 former Raiders we'd like to see return in 2024

Reunions can be fun, and these four also make (at least some) sense.

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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John Simpson

You can never have too much offensive line depth, and while Simpson isn't necessarily a Pro Bowl talent, he makes up for that with dependibility; Simpson played over 1,000 snaps for the Ravens in 2023, all at left guard. And while the advanced stats and grades aren't super flattering, he did only allow one sack last year, tied for the lowest of his career. A Simpson signing wouldn't make or break the Raiders season, but depth signings are just as important as the flashy ones. That's what we're telling ourselves, at least.

Denico Autry

Even with Maxx Crosby still on the roster and in his prime, the Raiders need edge rusher help. Enter Autry, who played the first four seasons of his career for the Raiders before leaving in 2018. Since then, he's managed to remain productive in stops with both the Colts and the Titans, and at 34, still plays good – albeit slightly less consistent – football. Ending his career in the same place it started is about as good a reunion story as they come, and it makes some roster-building sense too. Even at his age, the Raiders will surely take an edge rusher who's had over 30 sacks the last three seasons.