4 players that could surprisingly be an option for the Raiders now

Now that the Franchise Tag deadline has passed, the free agency picture is way more clear.

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Giants RB Saquon Barkley

It looks like it's finally happening: after years of speculation, the Giants' star running back may actually be reaching free agency. Barkley's one of a few big name running backs – including the Raiders' own Josh Jacobs – who will be at least testing the free agent market next week, and while the Jacobs decision may indicate how Vegas is going to approach the running back position this offseason, Barkley would still (maybe) be considered an upgrade. The two had almost identical stats across the board last year, have had surprisingly similar careers, and are less than a year apart. From the vacuum of a roster building perspective, there's not a whole lot to believe that Barkley and the Raiders would make a ton of sense. From a marketing perspective (it's bleak, I know), that's a different story however: Barkley's a big name, and the Raiders will almost certainly be looking to add big names this offseason. He's probably the least realistic name on this list, but it's still a bit surprising that he's on it anyway. And if the Raiders can't get a deal done with Jacobs, they can always turn around and try with someone who's basically had the same career.