4 Raiders who are likely entering their final season with the team

2024 may be your last time to see these guys in the Silver and Black.
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If you haven't already, you should probably start preparing yourself for a fair amount of Raiders roster turnover in the next couple years. The Josh McDaniels era is going to take some time to clean up, and even with Tom Telesco and Antonio Pierce on the right path, Vegas' current roster certainly isn't anywhere close to contention – especially in the AFC West.

And while there are a few foundational players already on the roster, far more of the 2024 team probably won't be around the next time that the Raiders find themselves in a playoff game. Telesco and Pierce surely have a better idea of who's staying and who's leaving, but hey – the draft isn't for a couple weeks, so let's try and take a few guesses. These are the 4 Raiders players who are likely entering their final season with the team.

4 Raiders who are likely entering their final season with the team

1. Aidan O'Connell, QB

If you're signing Gardner Minshew to a two-year, $25 million contract, it's hard to turn around and convincingly argue that O'Connell is a part of the plan. Same goes for all those rumors about trading up for JJ McCarthy, Bo Nix, or Michael Penix. O'Connell's under contract with the Raiders through 2026, but it's not like it's that hard to find creative ways to get out from rookie QB contracts. Regardless of how either O'Connell or Minshew play this season, the Raiders are probably in the market – either by free agency or the draft – for a QB next year, so it wouldn't be overly surprising to see neither of them on the roster next year. But since the bigger financial investment is in Minshew, he probably has the inside edge on job security after 2024.

2. Davante Adams, WR

It's not like Adams is washed or anything – last year, playing for that Raiders team, he put up over 1100 receiving yards on 103 receptions with eight touchdowns. In theory, there's probably a world where he's still at least a WR2 by the time the Raiders are relevant again. But does Adams, who will turn 32 next season, really want to wait for that? Pierce's hiring almost certainly bought him some more time on the Raiders, but at this point, it feels more like when – not if – he'll leave for a shot at a Super Bowl. The Jets will always be at the heart of those rumors, but there are a handful of other title-contending teams that would love a receiver of his caliber. One's even in his division! The Raiders' rebuild feels like it's going in the right direction so far, but rebuilds don't often involve holding onto 32-year old stars.

3. Harrison Bryant, TE

Bryant only signed a one-year deal with the Raiders this offseason, so this isn't exactly going out on a limb. The first four seasons of Bryant's career – all spent in Cleveland – weren't particularly encouraging: he's typically been a 20-catch, 200-yard guy until last year, when he only had 13 catches for 81 yards. With Michael Mayer signed through 2026, and the potential of another young tight end coming in the draft (Brock Bowers?!), a tight end like Bryant, who's not much of a run-blocker either, isn't a necessity. He's still only 25, but signing a one-year contract at that age sort of speaks for itself.

4. Jakorian Bennett, CB

It's not like he'd be the first Raiders player in recent history to not make it through his entire rookie contract. Bennett was one of the worst cornerbacks in all of football last year, finishing ranked 124th out of 127 by Pro Football Focus. If continues to stack up the healthy scratches next season, it'd be hard to think of a reason why he's worth starting for a third season. There's good reason to believe that a full year under a coach like Pierce will do Bennett a lot of good, but if that's not the case, he'll be looking for another team next offseason.