4 Raiders Who Robbed the Team Blind in 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders once again missed out on the playoffs in 2023, and these players ended up robbing the team blind.
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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2. Josh Jacobs, Running Back

One of the biggest decisions the Raiders had to make this offseason was whether or not to extend a long-term contract to running back Josh Jacobs. Coming off an incredible 2022 campaign, one that saw the veteran back lead the NFL in rushing yards, Jacobs signed a one-year deal late in the summer but was ready to go Week 1 against Denver.

Unfortunately for Jacobs, he could not repeat the performance he had during the 2022 season, rushing for over 100 yards only twice in 2023. There were some real clunkers, including a -2 effort against the Buffalo Bills, and five times total he was unable to eclipse the 50-yard mark in a game.

After being injured during the Minnesota Vikings game, where he was averaging under 3.0 yards per carry, Jacobs has not played since, and likely won't be active for the final game against Denver. This is not to say that Jacobs is not a talented back, and will likely command a huge salary from someone in 2024, but the 2023 season has to be considered a disappointment for the former Alabama star.