5 Raiders who have the most to lose, or gain this season.

These players' future with the Las Vegas Raiders, depends on their play this season.
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OT Thayer Munford Jr

Certainly, OT Thayer Munford Jr. is about to embark on a highly significant season and finds himself in a similar situation to the player who was just mentioned, Tyree Wilson. Entering his third season, Munford plays within one of the roster's more talented position groups.

Along with the depth of talent on the offensive line, Munford will also have to contend with the fact that the Raiders selected a player (D.J. Glaze) in the third round, with a playstyle very similar to Munford's. You can be sure that the Raiders will be more than happy to let their third-round pick (Glaze) play if Munford doesn't perform up to par.

The Raiders' offensive line, which has been a priority this offseason, are working toward being one of the better units in football. It will be interesting to watch if Munford can carve out a spot during the undoubtedly competitive offseason.