5 Raiders who have the most to lose, or gain this season.

These players' future with the Las Vegas Raiders, depends on their play this season.
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TE Michael Mayer

Second-year tight end Michael Mayer, who is off to a strong start , hopes to have a big season. He has showcased his talent early in OTAs. Mayer, another rookie who was slowed down by an injury the previous season, appears to be fully healed and is making the most of it.

Michael Mayer is a player with a ton of talent and potential, and he probably wouldn't even be on this list if TE Brock Bowers hadn't been selected by the Raiders with their first pick. This does not mean that I think Mayer will have a bad season and that Bowers will take his place—quite the reverse.

Even with Bowers in the lineup, I believe Mayer has a great chance to have a very successful season. My argument is that Mayer's future with the Raiders will be significantly impacted by this season. It's much easier to move away from Mayer if the production isn't there when your team uses their first pick on one of the best players in the draft who also plays your position.

The ideal situation would be for the offense to find a way to make use of Mayer and Bowers' talent; I think that is the strategy and it is very doable.