PFF urges Raiders to name Aidan O'Connell starting QB

The Las Vegas Raiders may want to make their starting quarterback decision soon.
Aidan O'Connell & Gardner Minshew of the Las Vegas Raiders.
Aidan O'Connell & Gardner Minshew of the Las Vegas Raiders. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Even with mandatory minicamp in the rearview mirror, the Las Vegas Raiders don't seem to have a better idea of who will be the starting quarterback in 2024. Both Aidan O'Connell and Gardner Minshew had some ups and downs while neither appears to have taken a lead.

Previously, I made the argument that O'Connell winning the starting job would be good news for the Raiders due to the fact that he's still young and has upside. Gordon McGuinness of Pro Football Focus seems to agree as he believes the team should give O'Connell the starting job so that they can better see what they have in him.

"O’Connell was the surprise starting quarterback from the 2023 draft class, getting the nod behind center 10 times across the season," McGuinness wrote. "He had some nice moments, too, earning a PFF passing grade above 70.0 in four of those starts.

"Minshew is the veteran, having earned a PFF passing grade above 60.0 in all three seasons where he has played 350 or more dropbacks. He is a safe bet to give the Raiders solid quarterback play. However, the right decision for the long-term is for Las Vegas to find out what it has in O’Connell. It will give the team greater clarity about what to do at the position come the end of the season."

It's a logical argument considering we already know what Minshew is. He's a solid veteran who is capable of winning eight or nine games but it's hard to see him having any sustained playoff success. O'Connell is far greener but went 5-5 as a starter last season and should only get better with another year under his belt.

At the same time, it's hard to look at him as a long-term option regardless. O'Connell has limited athleticism and arm strength. He will have to be deadly accurate to carve out a career as an above-average starter. Regardless of who starts this year, it's likely that the Raiders will continue to consider their options at quarterback going forward.

O'Connell winning the starting job outright is good news for the Raiders but it doesn't make sense for them to give him the job over Minshew if the veteran looks better in training camp.