Biggest free-agency mistakes Raiders made and how to fix them in the NFL Draft

There's still plenty of time to makes some adjustments.
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Letting Josh Jacobs walk

I get it. Four-years and $48 million is a lot for a running back, even one who's still only in the prime of his career. Running backs don't age particularly well, and that's probably money better spent elsewhere. Like Garnder Minshew!

Still, the Raiders' running back depth chart now consists of Alexander Mattison, Zamir White, and Ameer Abdullah. Maybe Pierce and Tom Telesco think that's enough production by committee to make it work, but I doubt it.

The fix: Pray that a mid-to-late round pick works out.

A crazy first couple of days left the running back free agent market pretty bare, so it seems like it's either going to be draft or nothing. The Raiders' two mid-round picks – 112 and 148 – seem like the perfect spot to take a chance on a running back and just hope for the best. Or just sign Josh Jacobs when the Packers release him in like two years.