Bleacher Report's trade candidate list proves how badly Chiefs whiffed in recent draft

Sometimes you need to squint for the silver lining. But it's there.
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

It's hard being in the same division as the Chiefs. They just win a lot, and it sucks for everyone else. What's worse is that it doesn't seem like it's ending any time soon. Every other NFL team's Super Bowl window is, like, 3 years – but not the Chiefs. They're just going to keep on keepin' on, which seems unfair. If the NFL loves parity so much, break up the Chiefs!

So it's always a nice moment when the NFL content creating world bands together to slightly bring the Chiefs down a notch or two. Any time they can be even slightly criticized for something, everyone's better for it. This is how AFC West fans cope – bending over backwards to find perceived flaws in the team that ultimately won't matter whatsoever.

This is also why Bleacher Report's listicles are so important. They consistently do league-wide content, and they have to include the Chiefs. Those are the rules! It makes things like "1 Player Each NFL Team Should Consider Trading Before the 2024 Season," all the more intriguing. The Chiefs have one (1) player on their roster who would probably be considered "bad," and that's interesting to me. Let's dive in.

BR's trade candidate list proves how badly Chiefs whiffed in recent draft

Here's the guy who BR thinks will ultimately end their dynasty and reshift the balance of power in the AFC West for years to come (more or less):

WR Skyy Moore

"The Kansas City Chiefs aren't exactly a team that impresses as being in a "selling" mood—the team is attempting to become the first franchise in NFL history to win three straight Super Bowls. And given the Chiefs' struggles at wide receiver last year, it's that much harder to imagine them dealing a player at that position ... "

" ... But after adding Rashee Rice in 2023 and veteran Marquise Brown and rookie Xavier Worthy in 2024, the Chiefs wide receiver room looks a lot different. And that affords Kansas City the opportunity to rid themselves of another mistake from the past few years."

Yes. Yes! YES. Everyone loved the Skyy Moore pick when it happened, and now that Bleacher Report has put him on their listicle, we can officially call it a bust. What a whiff! And let's not worry about the edge rusher that they took before him who may have had "10.5 sacks" in only his second season. Or the 7th round running back who already has "almost 2000 yards" over that time.

The Chiefs whiffed on the 2022 Draft. I know it, you know it, and Bleacher Report knows it. All dynasties come to an end eventually.