Brandon Aiyuk addresses Instagram controversy exactly how Raiders fans would have liked

The rumors of his departure from SF certainly aren't getting any quieter.

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

It's been a weird couple days for the 49ers and Brandon Aiyuk. In the aftermath of their 25-22 loss to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII, the star receiver wasted no time creating new headlines with a flurry of social media activity that would seemingly indicate that he wants out of SF. His brother made a bit of news with an Instagram post that openly stated an interest in Aiyuk heading to play for the Raiders, and when asked about that post – and the motivation behind it – at locker room clean out day, Aiyuk didn't do a whole lot to squash the notion.

That ... does not seem like someone who's totally invested in staying with the 49ers. In Aiyuk's defense, he's being hounded by reporters less than two days after losing the Super Bowl, and it's not like you get over that in 48 hours. And he did, in theory, seem open to the idea of an extension, "if it's the right move."

But, you could hardly blame Raiders fans for being excited about the possibility. Aiyuk's due for a big ol' raise, and the 49ers are going into this offseason without much cap space to work with. Given the fact that they already have Christian McCaffery, George Kittle, and Deebo Samuel under contract for the foreseeable future, it wouldn't be too surprising to see the two sides go their separate ways if negotiations start getting difficult. That would certainly open the door for a team like the Raiders – who currently have the 11th most cap space to work with this year – to swoop in and make a big-name signing to start the Tom Telesco-Antonio Pierce era with. You can do a lot worse than Davante Adams and Aiyuk on the field together, regardless of who's throwing them the football.