Breaking down the Las Vegas Raiders journey prior to 2024 NFL schedule release

Early expectations for the upcoming season for the 2024 Las Vegas Raiders.
New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders to face another difficult year in the AFC West

We can expect in-division games to always be difficult, especially when the teams in your division are comprised of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, Sean Peyton, and now Jim Harbaugh. The Raiders have gone 7-5 against division opponents over the last two seasons, which is respectable, but this is a completely different team than the one we saw under Josh McDaniels.

To conclude the 2023 season, they went 3-0 against their division opponents, outscoring them 110-49, beginning with a 63-21 thrashing of the Chargers, followed by a defensive showcase against the Chiefs on Christmas Day. So, obviously, six of the seventeen games will be against familiar opponents (the Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos), with each team playing a home and away game.

Another portion of the schedule will feature four games between the Raiders and the AFC North (Bengals, Ravens, Browns, Steelers), a division which finished the season as one of the best in football. According to, the Raiders are tied with the eighth most difficult schedule, a large contributing factor being these 12 games.

The Raiders will also face the NFC South (Bucs, Saints, Panthers, Falcons), where the division winner only needed eight wins (Bucs). The NFC South struggled last season, being one of the weaker divisions. With that in mind, it's a new year and in the NFL, no game is ever easy, however the the Raiders need to take full advantage of these opponents if they want to make it to the playoffs this upcoming season.

When the Raiders travel to New Orleans to play Derek Carr and the Saints, that game does indeed have a storyline. Carr was the Raiders' quarterback from 2014 to 2022, this will be Carr's first game facing his former club. In addition, Saints' Head Coach Dennis Allen held the same position for the Raiders from 2012-2014. This is a game to watch closely, as there will undoubtedly be intense feelings on both sides the entire time.

The remaining games are split between two away games against the Rams as well as a Dolphins, and a home game against the Jaguars. Like the Raiders, all three of them will likely anticipate making the playoffs.