Breaking down the Las Vegas Raiders journey prior to 2024 NFL schedule release

Early expectations for the upcoming season for the 2024 Las Vegas Raiders.
New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders
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What can we expect from the Raiders in 2024?

The expectation for this upcoming season is almost certainly a playoff berth, which is a real possibility. Though the Raiders do not have the easiest path to the playoffs, you can see how their schedule allows them to get there.

For the sake of argument, let us suppose the Raiders split the division 3-3, go 3-1 against the NFC South, 2-2 against the AFC North, and 2-1 in the remaining games. They would finish the season with a 10-7 record, which was enough to qualify for the AFC playoffs last year.

Despite everything the team went through in the past season, they were still able to win eight games.

With an identity, a solid coaching staff around which the players will rally, and the talent that the Raiders continue to add, this group has the potential to win at least two games this season. We'll have to keep an eye on not only the Raiders' offseason moves, but also the teams on their schedule (particularly the division), because where the the Raiders stack up against these opponents will determine whether we see Antonio Pierce lead this team to the playoffs in his first full season as coach.