Chargers expert points out why Raiders got it wrong with Tom Telesco

The Raiders brought in Tom Telesco to be their general manager after a ten-plus-year run with the Chargers franchise.
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Antonio Pierce As Head Coach, Tom Telesco As General Manager
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Antonio Pierce As Head Coach, Tom Telesco As General Manager / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders added eight players to their roster via the 2024 NFL Draft, a haul that included the best player in the class at both tight end and interior offensive line. New general manager Tom Telesco went with the best player available approach early on, before possibly reaching with the team's third round pick.

Delmar Glaze was not seen by many as even a top-100 pick, so it was a bit odd when Telesco made him the No. 77 overall selection in the draft. The truth is, there was a massive need at offensive tackle going into the draft, and with a huge run on the position group early on, Telesco knew he had to do something.

Over at Bolt Beat, Jason Reed laid out why Telesco once again made a baffling move in the NFL Draft, and how it is something Raiders fans should get used to. During his time with the Chargers, he never really added quality players after the early rounds, which is something that is concerning for the Silver and Black.

Raiders draft class a strong one for Telesco

Overall, you have to like the job that Telesco did in the 2024 NFL Draft, as he brought two elite players to the franchise in the first and second rounds. Yes, Glaze was a reach pick, but he filled a position of need, and playing both right and left tackle, could end up being a solid swing tackle for the Raiders at the next level.

You never really know how Day 3 picks are going to shake out at the NFL level, as you see guys like Maxx Crosby come in and set the league on fire. There have also been plenty of mistakes on Day 3, as it really depends how good your scouting department does with those third-tier players, so the hope is that Telesco did a lot better than expected.