Davante Adams gave Brock Bowers the worst nickname imaginable

It really is as bad as the headline makes it sound.
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It's not uncommon for rookies to get unflattering nicknames in the NFL. That's just sorta how it works when you first get drafted, along with carrying pads, paying for dinners, and generally doing a lot of grunt work that you wouldn't expect to have to do once you became one of the 1% of football players to make it to the pros.

But all things considered, dumb nicknames are about as light as rookie hazing gets. And sometimes, they're even complimentary in their own weird, convoluted way. Not Brock Bowers', though. Bowers was officially given a nickname – by Davante Adams, no less – and reader, it's not good. It's not problematic or anything; it's just a bad nickname.

"He hasn't laughed at one of my jokes yet" is an all-time great reason to give someone a bad nickname, so hat's off to Adams for that. Still – BM? Business man? That's tough, and not in the way that "tough" is used now. It's just a bummer of a nickname. Maybe Bowers manages to fleece the Raiders out of a few big contracts, and then we'll all applaud Adams for how much of a visionary he was.

But also, Brock: maybe laugh at a few of Adams' jokes. It probably won't hurt in the long run. At the very least, you'll get a better nickname.