Davante Adams torches Chargers social media team in amazing rant with Kay Adams

We're ready for Week 1.
Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

If you squint hard enough, you can tell that football season isn't far away. Teams are starting to sell Training Camp tickets, season previews are starting to show up on the internet, and podcasts are discussing (sigh) fantasy football sleepers. With only a few weeks left before camps fully get underway, now's the time to start revving up the ol' hype machine.

Davante Adams knows this. Kay Adams knows this. And surely their love of internet aggregation is why they showed up on Adams' show this week to talk about, among other things, his disdain for the Chargers social media team. I personally would never pick a fight on the world wide web with a team of millennials and Gen-Z'ers as Perpetually Logged On as the Chargers' social team, but I'm a coward. Adams is not, however, and good for him. The Raiders' star had a bunch to say about the Chargers' schedule release tweets from a few months back, and reader, it is JUICY.

Adams torches Chargers social team, sets up must-watch Week 1 matchup

"I think there was a trend a little bit ago, where I think a few of the social media pages were posting some funny stuff when the schedule was released," he said. "They posted me, and then, like, a trash can or something like that. The Chargers did. I thought about responding on social media to it, and being funny there, but I figured it'd be better to just beat their head in in real life. My first game against them, they clearly forgot, was like 10 catches, 141 yards, and a touchdown ... I just wanted to remind them of what they've been going through as it pertains to playing against me.

"Hopefully the people that made that post, because it's not the players' fault, they didn't have anything to do with the post. This is directly strictly towards the Chargers' social media page: please keep my name out of your mouth, and show some respect."

Yes. YES. God bless wide receivers, man. They remember everything. He's not wrong, either: in his last four games agains the Chargers, Adams has almost 500 yards and four touchdowns. The Chargers' schedule release tweets are objectively hilarious, but I'm a-okay with division rivals hating it so much that they go on TV shows to trash social media teams. The game's the game. If it wasn't already a must-watch, Week 1's Raiders-Chargers game from LA is now appointment television. And if they wanted to start a lil' Twitter beef in the mean time, I wouldn't say no.