Draft picks Raiders got right and a few they will regret

The Las Vegas Raiders picked eight times in the 2024 NFL Draft, and here are the picks they got right and wrong.
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It was a crazy three days for the Las Vegas Raiders, as they went into the 2024 NFL Draft with eight selections. In the end, Tom Telesco did not do any moving up or down across the three-day event, but instead, stayed put with his selections, and brought in a pretty promising 2024 draft class for the Silver and Black.

Telesco is a veteran general manager who has been down this road before, so it did not shock anybody when he went with the best player available approach early in the draft. Later on, he began to fill some immediate team needs, and in the end, brought in an eight-player haul that could become a foundation of the team going forward.

However, this is the NFL Draft, and there is no way that every pick Telesco made during his first draft as the general manager is going to pan out. In fact, one could argue that about 25 percent of this class will actually go on to become long-time Raiders, and help turn the franchise around after so much losing in the last 20 years.

Here, we look back at the 2024 NFL Draft class for the Raiders, and see which picks they got right, and a few they may regret.